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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

[cranky] mitt wasting money... lots of money

I've been seeing Mitt Romney ads EVERYWHERE, and the Newt ads have been popping up too. Just now, "what is a one term Obama presidency worth to you?" popped up as the ad next to my blog.

I'm from South Carolina (and I'm not so proud of it, cough Nikki Haley cough) and one night right after the primary I was laying in my dorm room bed and I suddenly had this silly epiphany, and I laid awake staring at the protein shake stain on my wall and ceiling. (the protein shake story is for another day) This 2am epiphany was "what if Romney hadn't spent $1.9 million in SC for crappy attack ads during Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy? what if Romney had bought a pencil (with his name on it of course) for each and every elementary school student in SC, to use and keep and bring home and share with their parents?" From there it became Romney-nalgenes and Newt-lunchboxes, and ending pollution until I finally fell asleep.

Why can't the candidates spend money on something worthwhile instead of throwing it at the television, and at websites and blogs which clearly are liberal? Honestly, every time I see a Romney ad on I click on it so that Romney has to pay out his pennies for my click. It takes me straight to "how much do you want to donate today?" "will this be a recurring donation? how about monthly auto-deduct?"

Hey, Romney. How about, you don't speak for the people! You speak for the people scared shitless that Newt might win the nomination. And the more shit you manage to talk about each other, the more you tarnish each others reputation, the more you just open your mouths and sound comes out, the more people realize that they're going to vote to keep Obama right where he is. No president is perfect, no man is perfect, no presidency with its millions of tasks to accomplish can be perfect. But the more talking y'all do, the more we realize that he's a hell of a lot more perfect than either of you could ever be.

And now, go Google "Santorum" if you haven't already. Enjoy!

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