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Thursday, January 31, 2013

[feminist] call to action! #ERA

 Here are additional tweets to use:

.@maddow Freedom from legal sex discrimination requires #ERA. Please discuss & share:

.@maddow In 1977 #ERA author Alice Paul died. In 2013, we can ratify her dream. Discuss & share

.@maddow Without the #ERA, Congress can weaken/replace existing laws on women's rights.

.@maddow Without the #ERA providing motivation, the status quo will change much more slowly. help!


Nobody in the news media is talking about the ERA. We want to change that and with your help, we will.

It's very simple and takes less than a minute. Below is an email to Rachel Maddow as well as a tweet. All you have to do is copy and paste the text into an email and send it to her between 5:00 and 9:00 P.M. EST 1/31/13.

Rachel Maddow email:

.@Maddow plz discuss #ERA & share White House Petition 4 #equality 4 #women need your help! Please RT #uniteblue

This post is going up on many Facebook walls today. Thousands of people will see it. Rachel will not ignore hundreds or thousands of emails and tweets all at once.

Please copy and paste:

Place this in the email subject box: TIME SENSITIVE! TALK ABOUT THE ERA ON YOUR SHOW!
ATTN: Rachel Maddow

It's time to ratify the ERA and you can help get us by talking about it on your show.

70% of American women are unaware that women are not equal under the Constitution.

We need a constitutional amendment.


Please tell your audience there is a new and powerful movement to get a Constitutional amendment for the ERA. / We Are Woman / ERA Now / RTSV UNITED are all working to make this happen and we ask for your help.

A White House petition that expires on 2/9/13 needs just over 10,000 signatures. If you share the link on your program and tweet it, we can fulfill the goal of 25k in one evening. You have the power and we're asking for your help.

Please talk about it on your show and tweet this link to your audience:

RT Please support #ERA for #women 's rights by supporting ratification efforts

Thank you.
Sponsored by:
Kimberley A. Johnson - RTSV United
Karen Teegarden -
One Million Sluts Against Rush Limbaugh
Cranky Fat Feminist
Sussex County Democratic Women's Caucus

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